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PREVIEW Pianísimo by Lauren Shiro

PREVIEW  Pianísimo by Lauren Shiro by Lauren Shiro
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fiction Fiction
For readers of:love without boundaries, romance, Nancy Ann Healy, Liz Gavin, Jade Winters
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PublisherVanilla Heart Publishing
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PREVIEW Pianísimo by Lauren Shiro

Con la carrera militar de Darryl llegando a su fin, él y su esposa, Corinne, se sienten listos para sentar cabeza en Louisville, Kentucky. Darryl es enviado a un último viaje, dejando a Corinne vivir sola en esta nueva casa y nueva ciudad.

Abrumada, Corinne se vuelve solitaria, viviendo una vida slienciosa y aburrida con sus gatas mientras se acostumbra a su nuevo entorno. El problema es: alguien o algo no quiere que su vida sea silenciosa ni aburrida. Y después ahí está el piano espeluznante en el sótano...

About the Author

Love without Boundaries

In celebration of her one year wedding anniversary and recent political changes that legalize her marriage, author Lauren E. Harvey (L. E. Harvey) and Vanilla Heart Publishing are excited to announce the re-releases of her books and a brand new series of Loving Her singles with her (legal) married name, Lauren Shiro.

Lauren Shiro was published nationally for the first time at age fourteen. Since then, her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, and even textbooks.

In 2006, she began writing fiction and she hasn't stopped yet. From her set of intertwined short stories inLoving Her, to the powerhouse duo of Imperfect and Impeccable, Lauren has written stories that are sure to touch your heart. Lauren continues to write stories of love without boundaries. When she's not writing, Lauren works as a licensed veterinary technician. In her spare time, she enjoys everything from wood working to roller derby. She resides in Rochester, New York with her wife and their menagerie of furry and feathered friends.

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