LC Giroux

For fans of:Courtney Milan, Robin Carr, Harlequin Romance

Best selling author L.C. Giroux writes smart, sexy, fun, contemporary and new adult romance. She has written over 12 books that are as much about the love of a family as about any one couple. Coming from a big French-Canadian and Italian family, she couldn’t write love stories any other way. Not surprisingly, her stories also include a fair bit of food and men that cook and clean. And no, they aren’t fantasy.

Romance might seem an odd fit after an architecture degree and jobs in everything from cosmetics to accounting to molecular biology but five minutes into their first date she knew she had met her future husband. It has been twenty years, a kid, their fair share of richer, poorer, sickness, and health later and she still believes in a happy ending.

While romance author is the last in a long line of diverse careers it is by far her favorite. She now likes to say that all that career indecision was just research for her writing career. She hasn’t even begun to tap into the stories from her time in the Air Force.

Being a tech geek, self publishing was a natural fit for her and she dove in head first. Her first book was published in 2011 and only after it was uploaded for sale did she realize that maybe getting an editor might not be a bad idea. She won’t ever make that mistake again! The following book was the beginning of her Lovers and Other Strangers series. When she started it was just to prove that she had more than one book in her. When the best friend character proved too good to pass up and got a story of his own, it became a series of 12 books and 4 novellas. She enjoys writing about imperfect heroes and heroines of all types and sizes who grow into themselves over the course of a book.

Working at a major research university while writing, one of her students started asking her for tips to publish her own work and another new career was born. L.C. has taught her mechanics of self publishing at the university level and at writer’s conferences. She is working to bring that and other courses online through her website

In 2014 she branched out to new adult with her Society series set in an ivy league secret society and Washington D.C. She also opened the vault on her cosmetics experience and started her Dolci Cosmetics series. This series is set in New York and Rome and features the glamour of fashion and beauty as well as the glittering world of high stakes business.

When L.C. isn’t writing she is hanging out with her family and dogs who are a lot more fun than anything on television. She has lived in more college towns than is good for anyone over the age of thirty. She finds it fertile ground for more story ideas.

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