Lisa Alagna

Instant Pot Cookbook

Instant Pot Cookbook by Lisa Alagna
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nonfiction Cooking , Health
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About the Book

If you want to get delicious, quick and easy recipes for your Instant Pot than this book is for you.

Unlike most of the cookbooks on Amazon, "Instant Pot® Cookbook: The Quick and Easy Complete Pressure Cooker Guide with Tons of Delicious Recipes" includes images and delicious recipes that are cooked very quickly. Save your time with our Instant Pot Cookbook. This book is great both for beginners and advanced users.You do not need any experience to cook with the instant pot. If you are a brand new to pressure cooking, this book is what you need to get up and running fast!Using the pressure cooking method, you can cook everything without health risks. If you want to stay healthy and enjoy your favorite food this book is for you. Moreover, pressure - cooked food helps you to lose weight with ease.


You will discover how to make the regular meals more delicious.

Recipes for breakfast, dinner, soups, snacks, sides and desserts.

Cooking time, prep time, list of ingredients accompanies each recipe.

Clear and simple directions to follow

Number of servingsImages

Grab your copy of this book and adopt your healthier lifestyle today!

About the Author

Driven by her desire for cooking for others (and herself), Lisa Alagna spends a lot of time in the kitchen and her own restaurant! Lisa enjoys sharing her love of food with the world by creating "no-nonsense" recipe books that anyone can use. She is a mother of two.She enjoys cooking and experimenting with food. She hopes to inspire readers to learn how to prepare delicious meals with simple to follow instructions and easy-to-acquire ingredients.Living in the north and in an era where convenience is a commodity, unhealthy fast-food diets have caused health problems across the world. Lisa is inspired to motivate readers to start cooking and eating from home. This saves time, money, and health! Lisa's vision is to write a series of recipe books, each focusing on one theme or one type of food that could can be easily prepared by someone who wouldn't be considered your typical cook.

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