Maha Khalid

For fans of:Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Marianne Williamson

Maha Khalid is the author “The Jasmine Tree Love in The Time of Revolutions” and "The Book of Love on Knowing Love, Finding Love and Keeping Love" and “When Love Speaks An Unusual Conversation with Love. She published an Arabic poetry collection “The Gate of Light” through Tehama Publishing in the year 1990. She is an avid researcher in the subject of love. She has an interest in love as a spiritual pursuit.

Maha an Arabian-American was born in Arabia in a time of transitions and change. She grew up with her mother, an intelligent open minded woman. She was encouraged early on in her life to think things differently, and to acquire the courage to lead a different life.

Maha's interest in Sufism and spirituality brought her to the belief that love was never presented to us in its true form. This may account for our struggle and suffering and the difficulties we face in finding and keeping love.

Her writings and books main focus is the subject of love when the divine and the human merge together in one presentation of true love that manifests itself in our world through the form.

Maha studied in Saudi, then the UK and has a degree from Duke University. She studied medicine and business administration.

Currently she lives between Dubai and a small village in the mountains in Italy calling Dubai her home base. Maha is a writer and a physician who chose to divide her time between caring for her patients, her charity work, and writing. Maha speaks on the subject of love through her public engagements whenever her time and other commitments allow her. She has two daughters whom she adores and who bring much love into her life.