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A Practical Guide For Working From Home: How To Make Money From Home

A Practical Guide For Working From Home: How To Make Money From Home by Rachael Phillips
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For readers of:Peter Thiel, Richard Branson, Eric Ries, Jamie Waller, Simon Sinek
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Publication Date21/03/2019
About the Book


Welcome to ‘A Practical Guide For Working From Home’ How To Make Money From Home ebook. I’m so glad you have taken out the time to download my latest ebook for those of you who are thinking of working from home, or if you have already taken the leap of faith to start your own home-based business or side hustle. A Big Congratulations! To you on your exciting new journey.

This copy is a free 27 page except of the full 57 page ebook. If you would like to download the full version, please visit Rachael Academy Author Page.

So Who Am I?

What qualifies me to write this ebook? I started my own journey of entrepreneurship 14 years ago. I was happily working as a business studies teacher in a mainstream high school and I’d a level of success with my class of student. At that time which was 2008. In 2008 the world was seeing a shift in financial institutions and corporations breaking traditional rank and declaring bankruptcy.

With just a blink of an eye our once stable government jobs were now being held by a very, very thin string. I wasn’t feeling that safety nest I once did within my role as a teacher. I decided it might be time for me to join the online revolution that was taking place around that time so I entered the world of online.

Fast forwards 14 years and many late nights and hard work, Rachael Academy business training and consultancy company was born.

My entry into the world of the internet was working from my bedroom office, if you could call a small table pushed to one corner of a bedroom wall an office.

I know for many of you aspiring business owners one of the things that stops us from getting started with launching our dream business is having the time and space to juggle a full time career whilst building a part-time business. In ‘The Practical Guide For Working From Home’ ebook my aim is to share with you some creative and practical ways you can start making money from home so you can leverage your time better and help you leave your 9-5 or enable you to go part time so you can concentrate on launching that dream business of yours.

Rachael Aprill Phillips

About the Author

Rachael Phillips is a multi award-winning Global marketing expert recognised as the ‘go to’ person when it comes to growing and establishing your brand in the market place.A Global and recognised influencer who has built a large following across many well established social platforms.Rachael Phillips is an award-winning Global Marketing Expert featured by Huffington post in 2016 as New Top Marketing Expert. Rachael has who has helped hundreds of local, national and international clients achieve new levels of success through innovative product and brand launches, creative digital and social marketing campaigns backed by influencer’s mark of approval.With her knowhow and database of resources and information she has built for herself and clients successful businesses in different markets.She runs and manages a successful media and business consulting business in the UK and has helped 1000's of individuals startup successfully.

Author of 4 best selling books and business programs.

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