Free 1 Week Fat Burning Workout Challenge

Free 1 Week Fat Burning Workout Challenge by rawritta
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I want to thank you for fueling your mind, body, and soul with this workout challenge. Your body is capable of so much more than you think, and you can prove that to yourself within a week! This short 1 week challenge is super effective at burning calories and fat, building muscle and endurance and even increase your flexibility. You might even see changes in your body by the last day of the challenge. Wether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain weight or gain some muscle this challenge is for you.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and just know that every little step you take, will make a big difference in your overall wellbeing. I’d love it if you could share your progress with me on social media by hash tagging #rawritta on instagram (@rawritta) or twitter. Your exercising isn't over once you’ve completed this challenge. Like I mentioned above you can repeat it up to 3 times, and I have new workout videos every week to keep you going. Subscribe to my youtube channel here and be the first one to get notified anytime I release a workout.

About the Author

Råw is what I consider myself; honest and real. I am a Holistic Health Coach and I’ve got many lessons, pitfalls, traps, and best practices to share – so that you can avoid those mistakes that I had to overcome to get here!

To make a long story short; when I moved to America I felt like I lost control over my life. The way I found I could be in control was through food and exercise. I quickly realized how stress relieving exercising was. I became addicted to it. It took my stress and depression away (for the 1+ hours I spent working out everyday) and made me feel like I was in control again. I lost a ton of weight, hated my body and developed orthorexia. I got stricter and stricter on myself because I felt like I deserved it. That lead to insomnia, loss of appetite, lack of libido, and finally I lost my period! That caused me even more stress and I was basically living in HELL, when my goal was to just be healthy. Me losing my period was actually a blessing for me. That really made me realize and wake up from my reality. I finally realized how overboard I had taken health and fitness. In the process of getting my period back, I LEARNED A TON. I learned self love, developed a healthier relationship to food, body, and exercise. And now, I’m committed to helping other women get to the other side of their unhealthy behaviors, and to finally start living! I want to be that person for you that I wish I had when I was going through it! As a Holistic Health Coach, I can help you deeper and further with your health issues. I offer a free 30 minute health consultation. Feel free to contact me ritta@rawritta.com if you’d like to take your life back.

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