Yoni Binstock

For fans of:3D Printing , Technology, Entrepreneurship

Yoni Binstock is on a mission to use technology to create a more just and sustainable world. He received his BA in Political Science from Rollins College, his MA in Energy and Environmental Analysis from Boston University. He then worked as the fifth employee at a tech startup in Cambridge for a year. Afterwards, he created a website called Climate Scores that graded Congressmen on climate change. In 2012, he worked at the nonprofit, Ashoka, managing their online fundraising strategy. After working there, he organized TEDxRosslyn, started a mobile app company, traveled Europe, and got married. In the past year, they moved to the Bay Area where he's worked at SolarMosaic, Solar City, and Change.org.?He's lived in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, Washington DC, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Chennai (India), and currently resides in San Francisco. Yoni is now working on building his 3D printing empire and creating a Chrome extension that helps people disconnect from the internet called Goodnight Chrome. When not talking in the third person, Yoni likes to read, run, and spend time with his wife. Learn more about Yoni at www.yonibinstock.com and if you have any questions about 3D printing, don't hesitate at all to email him at ybinstock@gmail.com