Frank Hart

Living Creatures Project Instrumental

Living Creatures Project Instrumental by Frank Hart
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For fans of:Chris Cornell, U2, Jonathan Foreman, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel
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  1. 01 We Begin Again (Inst)
  2. 02 Jesus Give Us Love (Inst)
  3. 03 Almighty God (Inst)
  4. 04 Christ Before Me (Inst)
  5. 05 Jesus Has Overcome The World (Inst)
  6. 06 Make Everything New (Inst)
  7. 07 Remember And Be (Inst)
  8. 08 This Place (Inst)
  9. 09 Three Days Of Darkness (Inst)
  10. 10 In Jesus Name Believe (Inst)
  11. 11 The Earth Is The Lord's (Inst)
  12. 12 Blesssed To Be A Blessing (Inst)
Tip the Artist $6 Suggested Tip

Modern Worship. Classic Rock. All Instrumental.

This is the all instrumental version of Frank Hart's Living Creatures Project. Twelve original songs by Frank. For the version complete with singing, melodies and harmonies, you should look on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon or someplace else. You will only find this instrumental version on Noise Trade.

There are no vocals, no lyrics and no harmonies on this version, and that's why it is special. Listening to the record like this is a very different experience. Maybe you are writing and want instrumental music playing, because it's hard to think of your own words when words or being sung or spoken. Maybe you just want to have your own thoughts. Maybe you want to sing along with the tracks karaoke style. Whatever the reason, here you go! All twelve tracks, completely instrumental.

Don't you wish everyone would do this? I would love to have my favorite Zeppelin, Soundgarden, King's X, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine or Peter Gabriel albums completely instrumental. I would be able to hear things in the tracks that I've never heard before. Wishes.

The album is free, but tips are very appreciated.


Production by Frank Hart & Alan Doss. Music by Frank Hart. Mixed and Mastered by Alan Doss. Executive Producers - Pam & Erik Keskula. Special thanks to Kim & Von Behr & Angel Hart, Bill Woolsey, Matt Popovits, Kip Fox, Aaron Senseman, Wayne Watson, Gary & Beth Imm, Cindy Cavazos, Ida Franklin, Phil & Katie Rokohl, John Foster, Scott Owen, Dave Genung, Tanya Gonzalez, Vanessa Shell, Fred Smith, the people of CrossPoint Community Church. Specific Music Credits: Drums by Alan Doss. Bass & Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Cello by Frank Hart. Keyboards by Steve Young. Additional guitar by Nick Taylor on Almighty God, Christ Before Me, Jesus Has Overcome the World, and Blessed to Be A Blessing. Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir provided handclaps on This Place. Mickie Satterwhite played keys on Almighty God, Christ Before Me, Make Everything New & The Earth is the Lord’s. Alan Doss played keyboards on In Jesus Name Believe. Frank Hart plays additional piano on Jesus Give us Love. Artwork: Illustration by Jon Raveneau. Photography by Andrew Richardson and Frank Hart. Design & Layout by Frank Hart.

For fans of:Chris Cornell, U2, Jonathan Foreman, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel
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