Annemarie Timmons

For fans of:Arne Dørumsgaard, Helen Polka, Peggy Lee, Simone Wolford

Annemarie Timmons is known as "Oma" (the German word for "Grandma") not only by her family, but by most people in her ever-growing world. Why you ask? Because Annemarie gives off a joyful feel of excitement when you're around her. She makes you feel at home. She has a loving, motherly approach to all people she meets - be they young or old. When faced with obstacles, she overcomes them with same driven perseverance that helped her escape communist East Germany when she was just a teenager. When faced with hate or struggling relationships, she chooses to love, and pity the wrong-doer.

Annemarie is a writer, musician, and speaker. She plays many different German and American folk songs on her Accordion. She has written many poems, some of which are published in her book, "Journey Through the Heart."