Nando GVNI

For fans of:JLloyd, The Weeknd, Swoope, Christon Gray, PARTYNEXTDOOR

An upcoming Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, and Producer, Nando is an independent artist who extends beyond the genre norms to create unique musicality, combining smooth, passionate vocals with professional lyricism. Since his young days, he's wanted to share his experiences and express himself musically and artistically. The message behind his music is meaningful, thought provoking, and with it he both expresses and addresses hard emotions and experiences.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, he grew up listening to music and expressing himself artistically, whether it was through drawing and design, writing and poetry, or music. At 13, he produced his very first song, and from there has continued producing his music. Beginning his first Chapter in music, he released his first album, First Class Flight, in August 2013 along with a music video to his remix of "Airplanes (Part II)" by B.o.B. He then released an EP titled Fallen in 2014, and two short albums in 2015, Piano And Roses and Flames.

Beginning his Chapter 2 in music, Nando GVNI released the self-titled EP "GVNI" July 31st, 2015. With his Chapter 2, his goal was to develop a unique sound, quality and message. He released several singles after the album and on December 31st released a second EP, "MMXV" (Roman Numerals for '2015') to conclude the 2015 year. October 27th, 2015, he released the longest and final album to Chapter 2, "Dark Times".