Brightly Feathered Ones

Brightly Feathered Ones

Brightly Feathered Ones by Brightly Feathered Ones
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For fans of:Rolling Stones, 13th Floor Elevators, Nirvana
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  1. Myth of the Independent
  2. All in All
  3. Sienna Leigh
  4. Rest
  5. Minty Coverup
  6. Turning Into A Thing
  7. Carburetor
  8. Dark Black Room
  9. Stooge Division
  10. The Court
  11. Southern Roads Amiss
  12. Witches Scorn
  13. Leisure Hearts
  14. Rider Past The Sun (live)
  15. Outside
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"I was fourteen years old at a party in 1995 on a murky burg in a sandy bluff. Innocence was genuine as I purchased bag after bag of cocaine from older tattooed strangers who had arrived in a Trans Am and brought with them cases of cheap Texas beer. The living room was dimly lit and decorated with balloons and glittery, trite party banners that aesthetically clashed with the rustic, itchy wool upholstered couches and dusty antique chairs that reminded me of friendly Paleolithic creatures fossilized in an inviting rigor mortis. Joints were smoked and laughter was laughed as dark world corrosion began replacing pure life essence that was given up by so many before us for almost nothing.

I had always considered purpose, but my nature often led me to nervous first hits and to so many redundant, frenzied final occasions. Certain human beings set in motion their very own epoch when they realize greatness within themselves. In this epiphany, what the individual produces, whether it is architectural or musical, gives significance to a time or place in some measure. As for the masses however, most remain oblivious to the potential of the human heart and some aimlessly depart into the mechanism of the world to never escape the mighty pull of it’s current…and so we went sideways in sixes and sevens reaching for the mirage from a satellite of wild orbit, letting gravity and propulsion pull and push us to where we were supposed to go, to the very end. Some nights bottomed out with downers and an awkward, virginal embrace with a freckled girl who was slender, pale and named after a rudimentary skateboard trick…then we slept, often waking with Christmas jingles in our heads and fuzzy be-bop blaring from somewhere far away, somewhere in a ghost town in an imaginary metropolis full of crossroads and big time devise to break us up and see us down.

We are all just strangers in each other’s lives, eagerly watching the world blow up and indifferently watching each other disappear, high and abstracted, flying down the road of it, unwittingly grasping significance in times of fright, definitive moments lost in a lackadaisical haze of unrefined youth and tawdry affluence. We slipped from each other’s fingers and in the blink of an eye the decade was anew. Some of us hadn't survived, but the world still spun. Those of us who remained pressed on, driving toward something new and classic, a life affirming innovation that promised uncertainty which made the adventure all the more lucrative in what we held to be truly valuable. In a culture of speed and convenience in which droll tradition and witless destiny is advertised as a moral and ethical triumph, it falls on the shoulders of the unusual to quell this disease of compromise and to look further into the horizon to find meaning in their actions and reason for their very being. In all recorded time, it is the innovative human that stands out in the account of history. It is the individual who dares to think differently that executes the will of their unusual thought whose work resonates during their life and sometimes beyond their own era into generations further away.

There comes a time when self corruption becomes uninteresting. This tendency we all share to placate ourselves with cheap vice in waiting for what our soft brains have come to expect from the world through new media and pop culture is only a by-product of our own nature and the influence of art created by other people that actually shape and mold the multitude’s perception of reality. We shape our own reality. For there is no vestige, but entire hearts of new dawn promise and monumental coliseum howls of vision roaring from our souls over to our brothers and sisters around us, resonating and exclaiming that someday soon…we will arrive."


For fans of:Rolling Stones, 13th Floor Elevators, Nirvana
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