Brion Riborn

For fans of:Joseph Arthur, Bruce Springsteen, Brandi Carlile, David Ramirez, Tom Petty

An indie/folk singer and songwriter from the Great Lakes State, Brion Riborn has been writing songs and poetry for much of his life. Like the frigid Michigan winters, his art doesn’t shy away from the cold and desolate places that we often stumble into in our separate journeys on this planet. Ah, but winters end, and spring is just beneath the surface with a promise of renewal. Riborn makes this apparent throughout his work, often using the dark moments to highlight the lone glimmer of hope.

You can stream and purchase his music at: and it's also available on iTunes and and everywhere else (but the link above is for the raddest of people to use).

Riborn currently resides somewhere between Lake Michigan and the Atlantic.

Brion Riborn’s Official Website:

Brion's band, Barelyon, Website: