Dan Cloutier

For fans of:Josh Ritter, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Ellis Paul, The Welcome Wagon

Dan Cloutier is a New England based singer songwriter who loves travel to remote places, bad Christmas LPs, and weird food.

His latest album "The Battle of Greenland" is a concept album that entirely takes place around the North and South Poles. It also reflects his experience in the hospital with his young son's dealing with cancer. The songs are full of florescent lights, tundra, one wolf, hope, and more.

Here are quotes about his previous album "Blind Willie's Lighthouse."

2011 Limelight Magazine - 2nd best album of the year by a solo act.

NPR - In Tune By Ten MPBN 2012 - “The whole album is wonderful!”

1/12 – Mutiny on the Microphone – Top ten album of 2011

11/16/11 MVY Radio - "This whole album is very moving, with very poignant subjects, and very difficult subjects."

1/12 Bill Copeland Review - "Dan Cloutier knocks it out of the ballpark with new CD Blind Willie’s Lighthouse."

Worcester Magazine 2011 - “Dan Cloutier's latest CD is a beacon in the storm."

Metronome Magazine 2011 - "Cloutier has created a magnificent CD, unquestionably, the best work of his career."

The Noise Magazine Boston 2012 - "One thing is for certain: he is a born, gifted storyteller."