Dream Reporter

For fans of:Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Sia, Interpol, Slowdive

Hailing from London, Dream Reporter is immediately captivating. Her voice is unique, powerful in its understated, ethereal quality. Her first release, White Horse, includes two original songs as well as a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Everything Reminds Me of Her”. The four tracks on White Horse encompass an interesting duality. There are the strikingly beautiful, emotive and ethereal opener and closer tracks Everything Reminds Me of Her and Everything Means Something to Me. Then sandwiched between are quirkier indie dance floor anthems You Said and the titular White Horse, where the odd beats and full lush melodies showcase her strengths both as a songwriter and budding producer.

Dream Reporter's songs are powerful indie rock meditations, swirling with atmosphere, often haunting and complex in their simplicity. It evokes a curious combination of the modern and the instantly familiar with songs that are both intimately personal and explorations of the world at large. Universal themes of loss, triumph, and growth are distilled through autobiographical lyrics. They’re words that may be often felt but not often spoken.