Hitman Blues Band

For fans of:Derek Trucks, Johnny Winter, Mick Clarke, James Armstrong, Ronnie Baker Brooks

Russell "Hitman" Alexander is that guy you probably know. He worked as a musician his entire life, but ended up also doing other things to support his family. Besides hard physical labor, he had to learn technology for more income - as a sub-sub-sub contracted freelancer.

But the first priority is music. Even when it looks pointless, hopeless, impossible.

In his own words:
"When my father died, there were certain songs that kept me going. When my daughters were born, there were songs that expressed my happiness - and concern. Music isn't just background noise - it's a soundtrack to our lives."

The Hitman Blues Band plays original Modern/Alternative Blues. A combination of everything that's come before - rock, traditional blues, jazz, funk - a combination of everything. The common thread for every tune is the blues, the music of hope. No matter what your situation - good or bad, someone has not only gone through it, but wrote a song about it, recorded it, and knows what you're going through.

"All of our songs are taken from real life, mainly my own. Funny, tragic, good time, angry, love, heartbreak - it's all there. No "woke up this mornin'" or "My baby done me wrong" songs here, I've never slept in a hollow log or shouted "Lordy Lord". This is honest music, for real people."

With over 500k streams, people are finding something to relate to - maybe you will, too.

Join Hitman on his journey. Hear the music, see the videos, spread the word if it moves you!