Ike Reilly

Am I Still The One For You?

Am I Still The One For You? by Ike Reilly
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For fans of:Bob Dylan, The Clash, Frank Turner, Drive-By Truckers
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  1. Am I Still the One For You?
  2. Good Looking Boy
  3. Hangin' Around
  4. Upper Mississippi River Valley Girl
  5. Ballad Of The Choir Boy Bank Robber
  6. It's Hard To Make Love To An American
  7. Fish Plant Rebellion
  8. Good Work (If You Can Get It)
  9. The Boat Song (We're Getting Loaded)
  10. Whatever Happened To The Girl In Me?
  11. Kara Dean
  12. Hip Hop Thighs #16
  13. 7 Come 11
  14. The Mixture
  15. God And Money
  16. It's Alright To Die
  17. The War On The Terror And The Drugs
  18. Ex-Americans
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Am I Still The One For You?

Look who came by my house just for drinking? Neighbors & friends, choir boys, bank robbers, gamblers, priests, country singers, drug executives, communists, activists, apathists, art teachers, soccer moms, college co-eds, garage bands, MC’s DJ’s & rappers, salesmen, bill collectors, sextons, cremators, lawyers, coaches, teachers, sailors, soldiers and cops. All coming and going but through it all the people I make music with came and stayed. When I listen to the songs on this collection I’m not reminded so much of why I wrote them or how we recorded them but of the places and nights where the band took the songs to great and magical places or where I single handily destroyed them for some reason or another. Places like Siberia in New York City, some shit street festival in some town somewhere, The Turf Club in St. Paul…and the journey to get to these places of worship. Breaking-down in Clear Lake, Iowa, treated like kings in Sonoma, California…wrapping the Irish prodigals metronome in sweaty flesh in Cleveland, Ohio and all along the way in hotels, on the bus and in dressing rooms making music and mischief with my great friends and band mates Phil Karnats, Dave Cottini, Ed Tinley, Tommy O’Donnell, Pete Cimbalo and Adam Krier.

I wrote the words for “Am I Still The One For You?” out on the road as a kind of a broken-love-tale between me and America.…about not quite feeling so proud of being an American. Yet everything I give a shit about, everything I’m interested in is right here, right in front of me in the middle of the USA. We made “Am I Still The One For You?” the title track and picked 3 more songs that we recently recorded and have not released and then added 14 more that were on some other records. When I look at the all these songs together I realize that even though we picked them quickly, and I thought randomly, they’re connected. Big dreams, little failures, shit jobs, hard life, slow death, celebration, backsliders, insiders, outsiders, fighting, quitting or just getting by ...these are the things that are right in front of me, things that are all pretty fucking American, and the things that seem to connect these songs. - Ike Reilly

For fans of:Bob Dylan, The Clash, Frank Turner, Drive-By Truckers
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