Josh Ottum

Daytrotter Session - May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Josh Ottum
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. It's Alright
  3. Not Built For Two
  4. My Book
  5. Fool in the Night
  6. Green In The Sun
The ways that people behave could and does provide us with endless hours of discussion points. The folly of it all is so comical that we can't help ourselves, but even more so, we comment and laugh because we know how close to the bone any of those cuts and jabs can be. We're not laughing hard or falling into a state of befuddlement or disbelief because we couldn't imagine how someone else could be so dumb and foolish, but the greatest exclamations and belly laughs come in knowing that it might be us soon. We recognize fools because we are fools - at least part of the time. We have provided plenty of stories and fodder for others and we're just going to have to be fine with that. We're going to have to be fine with knowing that there are going to be more where that came from.

Seattle musician Josh Ottum writes about the conditioning of humans as the human condition in some of the songs that he plays here. They are the kinds of folk-like jams that strike hot and unabashed. He lumps himself in with the offenders, knowing that tongues and nights often get themselves carried away without much trouble. They just fritter and make asses of themselves. He recalls many nights where he's talked philosophy with pretty girls and isn't sure what he meant when he promised some of them pearls. They're just words over some forgotten drinks, over the course of a night that - at the time - was thought to be meaningful. He sings, "Lots of lovely people become fools in the night," and it's nothing unfortunate. It almost feels like a homey quality.

Ottum sheds a few words about the five songs taped here.

It's Alright
I wrote this in 2005 with a little rhythm ace drum machine by my side. The progression never really gets old to me...just keeps circling around.

Not Built For Two
This is on my latest release Watch TV. Probably the song I'm most proud of. Time changes, San Diego chords, and the balance of dark and light. I like the arrangement Casey Foubert and I came up with.

My Book
On the first record Like The fact the next few are all older than five years or so. Actually feels nice to play oldies that still feel fresh.

Fool in the Night
Human condition in short amount of words.

Green In The Sun
Went to a record store in Seattle called Easy Street. Listened to a bunch of random bands that sound nothin' like this song on a listening station, came home and wrote this. Goes to show that everything is everything.