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  1. Watch Live Sports Online
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Top 5 Free

Websites to Watch Live Sports

Are you a fan of sports? Or maybe you are an ex-sportsman? Whatever you answer is, you are here because you can’t imagine your life without sports.

Of course, the very 1st source to think about when you want to follow live sports events is the official sports channels. Here are 5 great sites to help you.


ESPN is one of the most popular sites that provide sports news. Get all the necessary information about US and world sports events, teams you follow, get match scores, and games timetable. What’s great is that the site hosts great sports video of high quality. Watch games and check after-game interviews with coaches and players. ESPN radio and podcasts are also available.


NBC sports channel hosts an amazing collection of videos and highlights of most exciting moments. The main cool feature of NBC is that it lets you watch live sports event absolutely free on the day when it takes place. But don’t be sad if you missed the game. NBC provides a huge collection of full event replays that can be filtered by sports type. Just choose what you need and start watching your favorite team or sportsman!


Fox Sports will give you tons of useful information about all most popular sports and sports events. Whether you need recent or old game videos, pictures, info about players, you should definitely visit Fox Sports. Of course, it also gives information about upcoming games and events and posts the results of the recent ones.

To enjoy sports videos, go to “Watch” section and browse dozens of videos, interviews and best game moments. The “More” section will give you radio and podcast to listen to while driving a car or maybe practicing your favorite sports.


Sky Sports is another site for sports amateurs. Here you can easily follow sports events and competitions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option to stream live sports, but it gives you a number of interesting interviews, sports TV shows, and catch ups. Please note the latter is available only for subscribed users. The subscription is free, though. So, you can easily create an account and watch videos with your Sky+HD box or Sky Go app on your mobile phone.


The last but not the least is Yahoo Sports. Comparing to other 4 sites, it has less information about sports events but it’ll for sure give you something cool to read and watch. The interface of the site is quite simple, so nothing will distract you from enjoying awesome videos.

Wanna know more great sites to watch live sports? Then have a look at this post at http://www.freemake.com/blog/top-5-free-websites-to-watch-live-sports/

For fans of:Shakira, latino, audiobooks
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