Kristen Cothron Sampler

Kristen Cothron and The Darkside

Kristen Cothron Sampler by Kristen Cothron and The Darkside
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For fans of:Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse
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  1. Show Me Where The Edge Is
  2. Further Than This
  3. The Darkside
  4. Tart
  5. What a View
  6. RSVP
  7. Dangerous
  8. Show Me Where the Edge Is {REMIX}
For fans of:Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse
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A Selection of Songs by Kristen Cothron from "Love Letters from a Fool" & "Show Me Where the Edge Is..." Featuring a Remix of "Show Me Where the Edge Is" available exclusively through this NoiseTrade Sampler! "Cothron writes smart pensive tunes that have a slight jazzy feel...and her voice is remarkable on each and every track. This young lady is sultry, provocative. and uniquely cool in so many ways." - BabySue "The entrancing music of Kristen Cothron is unlike any sound that we've heard." - Nashville Lifestyles Magazine "Effortlessly mixing genres in such a masterful and subtle way is just one of the many reasons Kristen Cothron is a true talent in a sea of artists striving to be heard. Overlooking this album would be a crime, so do yourself a favor and give it a listen today." - Indie Music Reviewer "...blending Fiona Apple minor key blues-jazz-isms with trilling Gwen Stefani flourishes at the higher register of her range. Her command of her instrument (voice) is impressive as the notes roll across our eardrums effortlessly. She's a guitarist too, not merely model-caliber window dressing propped up by true musicians." - Classic Rock Music Blog "Cothron's songs sound both modern and relevant to her genre, as they're pushing it forward, while concurrently coming across as though Billie Holiday would have been at home singing them within her domain of smoky jazz clubs that populated American cities of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's." - WordKraft "If there were ever a time and place for a revised, jazzier, The Jody Grind, Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello all wrapped into one album, it's bound to be on the newest Kristen Cothron release, Show Me Where the Edge Is..." - The Murfreesboro Pulse "Like a William Faulkner novel, Cothron is worth the effort. She's no no-thought mainstream pop star in search of the spotlight. She's a livewire that electrifies with below the surface songs. Cothron sounds as if she stepped out of Tennessee Williams' 'A Streetcar Named Desire.' She seethes. Sweat drips from her new single 'Dangerous' like droplets from the skin that slowly meander upon their way. She sounds bound and prepared to unwind, as with 'The Darkside.' Yet all the while, she maintains a calm visage that waxes terminally cool..." - The Bristol Herald "Cothron's latest release is a drop-to-your-knees sultry, soul-stealing 3-song, self-titled vinyl EP [digital download available with purchase]. You can enshroud yourself in the thick, soft fur of her sound and relish the dark comfort it offers." - Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly "Nashville Hype Still Loves Kristen Cothron! ...Amazing, amazing sound. It's a sound that's almost better than sex." - Nashville Hype "With an amber, sultry tone and an expanded vocal range that she uses with dynamic subtlety, Cothron applies late-night jazz chops to contemporary adult pop. She's the rare young talent who cares more about expressing a mood and a story than simply showing off her voice. While her relaxed, come-hither purr pulls listeners in, it's the depth of the songs and how well she puts them across that brings people back time and again." - The Nashville Scene "Have you been searching for music's next bold bad girl? Cothron is the buried treasure you're seeking." - Performing Songwriter Magazine "...Cothron plays the role of the steely and unattainable temptress, and artfully so with a seductive-almost-racy style that maintains an air of class and sophistication...Cothron isn't the first contemporary to take on jazz pop, but hers is genuine, not meant to be kitschy and probably the most authentic of its kind I've heard..." - Boro Pulse " up your local radio station, ask them to burn all of their Shakira albums, and get Kristen Cothron in heavy rotation. An artist of her ability deserves as much support as possible." - South Eastern Performer Magazine "Tougher than Fiona Apple, edgier than Norah Jones, Cothron combines cabaret and indie rock as well as anyone since Elvis Costello." - The Memphis Playbook "Count me in!"- Music Row Magazine "...this is one 'dame' you definitely wouldn't mind walking into your gin joint!" - "Nothing foolish about this. Cothron has depth and an elegant beauty that flows smoothly and seamlessly through each track. She exhibits passion and lust as if it is all she knows." - The Leo (Louisville, KY) "Genre mixing with a hint of southern mysticism throughout, Cothron does a good strong woman as well as she does a sensitive woman...Cothron's ability to make introspective and prospective music is her strongest trait and is just as important as her voice."- Enigma (Chattanooga, TN) "Look up chanteuse, and you just might find Kristen's picture. She has a fluid, beautiful, melodic voice, with shades of Peggy Lee in some of her phrasing. Her vocals are a seduction soundtrack, or perhaps a bubble bath with candles and champagne." - Music News Nashville "...falls into a jazzy vibe with echoes of Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle, Billie Holliday, and Sarah Vaughan." - Robert Mills of Maverick Magazine (UK) "Somewhere between Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey, Cothron's style and sound sits just waiting for takers."- Velocity Weekly (Louisville, KY) "Her voice is smooth and soulful (like a mix between Billie Holliday and Judy Garland), this Nashville-based ingenue is bound to win some fans (and break some hearts) with her simple, sweet, catchy pop." - Free Times (Columbia, SC)
All songs written by Kristen Cothron except 'Show Me Where the Edge Is' by Kristen Cothron & Chris Holcombe, 'RSVP' by Kristen Cothron & Sebastian Fite, and 'Tart' by Elvis Costello. Produced by Ben Strano as ‘The Sonic Fedora’ 'Further Than This,' 'Tart,' & 'The Darkside' Gary Burnette - Electric and Acoustic Guitars Steve Mackey - Bass Michael Webb - Piano, B3 and Rhodes, Toy Piano Jimmy Lester - Drums 'Show Me Where the Edge Is' Justin Conn - Guitar Kristen Cothron - Guitar Paul Lewis - Bass Michael Grando - Drums Sonic Fedora - Horns, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Banjo, Pedal Steel, Slide Guitar, Skank Guitar, Upright Piano, Harmonium, Dulcitone, Mellotron, Toy Piano, Synth, Cello, Percussion, Background vocals on 'Further Than This' 'RSVP' & 'Dangerous' Produced by Ben Strano as 'The Sonic Fedora' Engineered by Scott Valezco Pat Buchanan- Guitars Greg Morrow- Drums Loop Alison Prestwood- Bass Tony Harrell- Keys