Lazy Daisy

For fans of:led zeppelin , grand funk railroad, jimi hendrix, humble pie
Put on your bell bottoms, smell the incense and join this ride with a fresh beer on the side. This is 70s rock with a nice bite of blues. Producer H.J. Bökkers (Jovink en de Voederbietels) captured the band in a natural atmosphere when all tracks were recorded live (except vocals) "Hot Jam in the Boogaloo" has a kick-ass-rawk-&-roll mentality and "Baby I want you" presents a soulful side of Lazy Daisy. "Motor City" reminds me of the Blues Cheer in 1969 but it still has a fresh attitude to me. This band is not afraid to share a jam with us. Listen to "Jezebel" and you witness a moment of sheer magic when the band was just jamming for 2 minutes ! If you are into hippie rock ? Come and get it !