Leaning Trees

For fans of:My Morning Jacket, REM, Wilco, Radiohead, The Beatles

Leaning Trees is an ambient rock & roll outfit, with roots from the Jacksonville, Florida area, that combines elements of blues, folk, Americana, progressive and psychedelic art rock with cryptic, ethereal and stream of consciousness lyrics. The band has created both an alluring mystique and a compelling buzz around the music mecca scene of Gainesville, Florida since the beginning of 2018.

Principal songwriter, frontman and rhythm guitarist JM Weeks, expresses his otherwise soft-spoken self with inspirited lyrics and subtle yet infectious melodies and hooks that seem inspired by the sensitive songsmith’s excursions into nature and the subconscious.

With the support and collaboration of lead guitarist Michael Gross, slide guitar and ambient sound player Andrew Sullivan, bassist extraordinaire Kyle Keller, and percussionist Aaron Jammes - Leaning Trees combines influences such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead with the thick tradition of rhythm and blues of their native land, which have inspired other legends of the area like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws and the Allman Brothers Band.

And while the result is not a burgeoning Southern Rock sound like that which rose from the depths of the swamps and electrified the rest of the music world back in the seventies, one gets the sense that Leaning Trees, does however, draw from that same portal of energy, while almost imperceptibly awakening and transporting the listener back to the innate qualities and longings of their very existence through the sonic medium.

The group formed a couple of years ago when Weeks and Gross decided to start a band after meeting during Open Mic nights in the area and trying their hands at crafting songs together. The rest of the respected ensemble quickly came together, some going back years with each other in schools and local music scenes.

They already have three impressive releases under their belt - the EP Find the Shade (2018), the LP A Setting Sun (also 2018), and Time Will Tell LP (2020). 

Gargs Allard

Editor of tunegroover.com, radio host