Levallois Hamilton

For fans of:Levallois Hamilton, Lecrae, Da Truth

Levallois Hamilton is not your typical rapper, 24 years old, born in New Boston TX and now lives in Killeen TX where he is known as the "Christian rapper with the beard". His style and approach to music has been noted to be unpredictable. "My goal artistically is to utilize every spectrum of my gifts and talents to glorify God to the best of my ability, while giving listeners honest music that consistently blooms from my faith in Jesus Christ". His passion to spread the gospel throughout his community has lead him to being recognized and awarded best gospel artist two consecutive years in a row at the Killeen Music Award in 2009 & 2010. He has shared the stage with stellar award artist Da'T.r.u.t.h, FLAME, V-Rose, SPEC, Canton Jones and many more. Levallois has accomplished much independently as an artist. He's now a member of the Christian House of Prayer in Killeen TX under the leadership of Apostle Nate Holcomb and Pastor Valerie Holcomb. New Music is on the horizon for 2016! Stay tuned to the work of God in this young vessels life.

"where there is no love,there will be no power, where there is no power, there will be no change" -Levallois