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Manuel Lopez III started out on the drums at age 4 years old, with his first gig at age 5. Since then he has been performing with countless artists in many different genres of music. The son of a horn player, manuel3 has spent his entire life playing drums alongside such artists as Louie Bellson, Crark Terry, Buddy DeFrance, Willie Pickens, Steffon Harris, and even country star Clay Walker. After a life-changing reconversion to his Catholic faith in 2001. manuel3 united his unique style with Catholic doctrine and began composing, producing, recording, and performing his own Catholic music. He has joined the new movement of Catholic music collaborating with other Catholic artists, such as The Apologist, Akalyte, Popple, Pontifex, and Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR. manuel3 has recently created m3studios, which works in recording and producing everything from web campaigns to audio books to music videos.