nels andrews

Scrimshaw by nels andrews
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For fans of:Iron and WIne, Van Morrison, Gregory Alan Isakov, Anais Mitchell, Paul Simon
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  1. Tridents
  2. Starboard
  3. Barroom Bards
  4. Small Victories
  5. Houdini
  6. Flotsam
  7. Three Hermits
  8. Lost Year (Off Track Betting)
  9. Wisteria
For fans of:Iron and WIne, Van Morrison, Gregory Alan Isakov, Anais Mitchell, Paul Simon
Tip the Artist $6 Suggested Tip

I made this record as i was leaving NYC, end of that 8 year chapter of my life, my second collaboration with producer Todd Sickafoose. really proud of this .. hope you dig it.

"In the 1800s, whaling voyages would last 3 years or longer; several weeks, sometimes months, could pass between Whale sightings, This gave the whalers a great deal more free time than other sailors of the day. Manuscripts were penned, and finely crafted stories were told in thin line on bone. I imagine it was the romantics, if forced to sea, who would take to whaling, finding somewhere to occasionally oust their courage between long bouts of contemplation, and rum. They probably also liked the rum." Nels Andrews

Strikingly intimate album that combines deft storytelling with a warmth of tone and gentleness of pace..awash with layers, metaphors and echoes woven into subtle, contemplative contemporary song. Like finding a seashell at the back of a dusty cupboard, putting it to your ear and hearing the ocean". - Folk Radio UK

(4/5 stars) - The London Telegraph, UK

"A true wellspring of 21st century music." album of the week - Iain Anderson, BBC Scotland

"Literate, melancholic songs of life passing" (4/5 stars) - The Irish Times, UK

“The rhythm of the ocean... and light and shade dynamics reminiscent of Astral Weeks. As great singers do, Andrews has the gift of making the ‘La-La-La’ coda sound as profound as ancient philosophy” (4/5 stars) - Rock’n Reel Magazine, UK

“A wonderfull and delicate work of art”(4/5 stars) - Maverick Magazine UK

(4/5 stars) - Volkskrant, NL

(4/5 stars)- OOR, NL

"With Scrimshaw, Nels Andrews delivers another masterpiece" - Heaven Pop Magazine, NL

1 Tridents 4:54

2 Starboard 4:11

3 Barroom Bards 5:57

4 Small Victories 4:12

5 Flotsam 5:15

6 Houdini 4:00

7 Three Hermits 3:18

8 Lost Year (Off Track Betting) 6:27

9 Wisteria 5:27



Acoustic bass, piano, pump organ production Todd Sickafoose

guitars, vocals, shruti box Nels Andrews

Electric and 12 string guitars Jonathan Goldberger

Electric Guitars Adam Levy

Tenor Banjo, Mandolin acoustic guitar Brandon Seabrook

Pedal steel Rich Hinman

Drums Ben Perowsky

Drums, percussion Andrew Borger

Violin Savanna Jo Lack

Vocals, Flute Nuala Kennedy