For fans of:The Glorious Unseen, Sufjan Stevens, Copeland, Moving Mountains

Redeemed, moniker of Dutch singer-songwriter Marijn te Flierhaar, revolves around an honest heart sharing the process of getting a grasp of God and the world. Redeemed has never just been about praising or glorifying. There is no hesitation to shed light upon doubt, anxiety, and anger. At its core it is an exhibition of the real existence of the Christian.

Deriving inspiration from The Glorious Unseen, Sufjan Stevens, and Copeland, the music is brutally honest and melodically captivating, exploring the boundaries from minimalistic acoustic folk to heavy explosive post-rock.

In 2018, the 24th of January, The Healing Streams, Redeemed's debut-album was released. The response became the take-off for Redeemed.