Roy Catlin

For fans of:John Frusciante, Elliot Smith , Stephen Jenkins

Roy Catlin is a singer-songwriter residing in Denver Colorado. With the release of his debut singles, “Epiphany", and "Failures" Roy has already begun showcase his versatility as a songwriter. Driven by melodic harmonized guitars, intricate rhythms, and deeply personal lyrics, Roy Catlin aims to shake up the singer songwriter scene with a new alternative sound in 2015 and beyond.With an extensive musical background, Roy is experianced in performing a number of musical styles as both a vocalist and guitarist, Roy is bringing an honest and untamed live show to the local Denver Scene in 2015 with hopes to connect with as many people through music as possible. His passion is undeniable and this is evident when he takes the stage.Embracing his own vunerablity is the focus of Roy's art. With his debut full length album "From Being Lost" planned for release on September 1st, 2015 Roy plans to bare it all for many years to come.