For fans of:Kimbra, Lily Allen, Lana Del Ray

Tamara, always fighting for her voice and story to be heard through her powerful and deeply connective music. Hansson’s artistry is unapologetically formidable, woven in a fierce, self-assured nature.

Hanssøn is a talented singer-songwriter who traded the sun and ease of the Australian coasts for the intensity and opportunities that New York has always offered ambitious artists. A strong and tenacious artist, the songstress infuses each song with a rawness and quiet nostalgia. She would spend her youth in Sydney wearing out her Michael Jackson cassette tapes and flipping her dad’s Sex Pistols and Johnny Cash records, creating her own world of musical inspiration away from the male-centric surf culture of 1980s Australia. “I had a walkman and was pretty introverted growing up in a huge family…I always had my headphones on with Michael Jackson on repeat on family trips or when our grandparents would take us out.”

However, it was her midnight binging of Rage, Australia’s version of MTV, where she fell in love with bold Australian female artists like The Divinyls, Tina Arena and Kylie Minogue who paved the way for Hansson to pursue her dream of writing her own music. She had grown up writing poems and songs, started playing keyboard at the age of nine, deconstructing her favourite songs, and also learnt to play guitar thanks to the instrument being passed down to her from her grandfather. Her songwriting was inspired by the stories people told through their music, how she could escape into it, and the challenge of learning to play like her influences.

Hanssøn went on to do a brief sojourn in London, jamming with jazz bands, but was set to continue to New York to study under a scholarship. She was writing her own music at the time, but also auditioning for music theater. The pressure to be an extroverted interpreter of somebody else’s songs ultimately sparked her motivation to pave her own path and establish her own sound. It was in New York that Hansson learnt to record, so she bought some gear for her apartment in Harlem, and recorded a project called ‘The Apartment Sessions’ playing in people’s apartments. It was an evolution of her musical development, where her songs told stories of love, longing for home, and broken friendships.

After buying a van and playing around the U.S. for a few months in 2017, Hansson was ready to produce music that could leave a lasting impact: songs with a more cinematic sound and bigger feeling. Strengthened by a new sense of maturity that moves through deeper layers of her artistry, Hansson’s songwriting gained a new dimension of vulnerability through her experiences of living away from her home and family, the intensity of living in big cities, and connecting with herself through her writing.

Hansson’s contemporary female influences include Sia, Janelle Monáe, Kimbra, Lily Allen, and of course Beyoncé. About her influences and personal development, she says: “I just feel like sometimes I’m fighting preconceived ideas about what being a woman is, growing up the way we did and when we did. So seeing women completely be in charge of their career and have that kind of power and even confidence to pursue what they want is inspiring.”

After several years of cultivating her craft, Hanssøn has carved a welcomed niche in the New York music scene. She has produced several stunningly written, haunting songs from her home studio in Harlem, channeling both her insight and her talent as a songwriter and musician. Ranging from feelings of wistfulness and detachment to deep love, Hansson’s songs manage to combine emotional expressiveness to a refined soundscape.

Hanssøon will be releasing her mini-album Colours of the Fall this August with a quintessentially fearless rebirth song “Deadwood” and the uptempo melancholy pop track “Always High”.