Skip Ross

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For fans of:Imperials, Amy Grant, Sandy Patty
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  1. 1 Happiness Is Following Jesus
  2. 2 Jesus, He is the Son of God
  3. 3 Through It All
  4. 4 Wonder of It All
  5. 5 God Gave the Song
  6. 6 I Am A Promise
  7. 7 Love Theme
  8. 8 The Truth Will Set You Free
  9. 9 Savior Like A Shepherd
  10. 10 Spirit Medley
For fans of:Imperials, Amy Grant, Sandy Patty
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“Happiness Is…” That’s become a very popular advertising phrase in recent years because people everywhere are searching for happiness. During the last eight years a serious study into human motivation and experience of life has brought me to the conclusion that happy, dynamic living is possible. By that I mean a life that is free of fear, free of worry, directed toward the accomplishing of an ultimate purpose and filled with joy and happiness all the time.

This album is the musical statement of that conclusion. The only way I know to experience the deep-seated happiness of dynamic living is through knowing and following God’s personal expression of His love—His Son—Jesus. He is the truth that sets me free! He is the source of dynamic living. The psalmist has told me to trust in Him with all my heart, to delight myself in Him, to reverence Him and in so doing I will find peace, joy and the fulfillment of all the desires of my heart. For me, “Happiness Is Following Jesus.”


Album released in 1977 by New Life Records. Album by Skip Ross. Arranged and conducted by Dave Williamson and produced by Paul Stilwell.