Special Features

This Is Gonna Be Fun

This Is Gonna Be Fun by Special Features
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For fans of:Josh McScily, Eli Henry, Childish Gambino, Logic, Hoodie Allen
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  1. Welcome(This Is Gonna' Be Fun).mp3
  2. Club Bangin'.mp3
  3. Jonah's Journey.mp3
  4. Halloween on the 13th(feat. CHRISSY).mp3
  5. RAPR Radio.mp3
  6. Motivation.mp3
  7. ATG?G.mp3
  8. Night Riders.mp3
  9. RAPR Radio @ Nite.mp3
  10. The Zone.mp3
  11. Bad Asses(We Ride Out).mp3
  12. Misunderstand.mp3
  13. City Lights Part 2.mp3
  14. Intent.mp3
  15. RAPR A.M.mp3
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Enter Special Features' fourth album: "This is Gonna Be Fun". However, while the title implies this album is perhaps solely uplifting or comedic as the duo's first album "Digitally" or their third "You Know it" were for the most part, Special Features' senior album is a mixture of songs played for Lonely Island-esque gags (such as "Bad Asses" or "Jonah's Journey"), songs that are meant to motivate ("The Zone" or "Motivation"), as well as more serious songs ("Night Riders" or "City Lights Part 2") and several skits that tie together the album. This truly is the epitome of SF's career, and the incredible ground gained in the three years of Josh McScily & Drive-In Kid's career together is truly astounding.

Prepare for the perfect album from the Austin hip-hop group whose inventive lyrics, barrage of pop-culture references, and memorable hooks will quickly drive this album into your favorites.


All songs written by and performed by Josh McScily and Drive-In Kid.*

Skits performed by Robert Roberts, J-man, and E-dog.

Edited and mixed by Josh McScily.

*Except for "ATG?G", which was solely written by Drive-In Kid, "Misunderstand", whose hook was originally written and performed by Jack White with The Raconteurs, and "Halloween on the 13th", which was also co-written and performed by CHRISSY.

For fans of:Josh McScily, Eli Henry, Childish Gambino, Logic, Hoodie Allen
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