Suitcase Poetry

For fans of:Taking Back Sunday, The Rocket Summer, Deas Vail, City and Color

You won’t hear the edgy, in your face sound once associated with rock vocalist and musician Brian Dieleman. After a five-year hiatus from the music scene, Brian has started Suitcase Poetry. Suitcase Poetry is a fresh start with an acoustic rock/indie pop sound.

Brian has been part of the local music scene since 2003 when he played countless shows with a few of his friends from his high school band. Around 2006 two members left the group and the band reformed. In the course of four years Brian performed across the west Michigan area. He and his previous band opened for national acts like Nevertheless, Kevin Max (Dc Talk), and Disciple, just to name a few. In 2007 while his group went on to become Cities and Saints, Brian left the band to take a hiatus on music and shows. While not recording or playing shows the past five years, Brian never stopped writing songs or playing music.In the spring of 2012, Brian stepped back into the music world and decided it was time to write an album. Combining influences from The Rocket Summer, Taking Back Sunday, The All American Rejects and the over all Pop Rock Sound, Brian began working on a four song EP called Lost Without A Flash Light.

Brian played all of the instruments himself with Tyler Howe on drums.

The EP chronicles the trials, storms, and battles in Brian’s life. Brian has just finished recording the EP and the release date is set for mid to late 2013. Following the EP’s release, Brian will also be playing a few acoustic shows around the West Michigan area.