For fans of:Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin

Ever heard of Maroon 5? Adam Levine’s makeup artist once did Chris’ makeup for a show. Mind you, this was a long time ago -back in his old band, Varsity Heroes. You’ve never heard of Varsity Heroes? Dang.

Well, they were a pretty big deal.

The guitar player’s kid brother once met Nick Wheeler of All-American Rejects outside of the Campbell Gaslighter. I think he was in a band called Jesus Abs, or something like that. Good band. Kid could play, that’s for sure.

Flash forward a few years. Chris -the guy who had his makeup done by Maroon 5- now plays for this band called Talkie...from Fremont, I think -about 30 miles outside of San Francisco. I'm pretty sure they once played on the same stage that the Grateful Dead played on. They put out an album called "Hablas" a few years back. It’s not for everyone. I enjoyed it though.

I hear they’ve been working on a new record. Not sure why that matters. Nobody listens to records anymore. Nobody listens to anything anymore. Well, except for me. Whatever.