The Ladies of Sport

For fans of:Beck, Cake, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Soul Coughing
ABOUT The Ladies of Sport One February New York City evening, two sisters newly moved from Los Angeles sought escape from the blustering 2°F chill. Ann and Mary Kohatsu happened to stumble into The Library, a Lower East Side dive bar, where Rich DeCicco just happened to be drinking. East coast man next door meets striking Japanese twin ladies, forever changing each other’s lives. This unlikely trio of musicians forms the Brooklyn-based alt-pop band, The Ladies of Sport. The band’s debut album Empires Fall launched in February of 2009. Subtle grooves support this record packed with catchy songs. Starting in May 2011, new singles released by The Ladies of Sport juxtapose elements of their old sound with added edge. With more organic elements like acoustic guitar and live drums, the latest tracks are more aggressive and biting, yet still melodic and catchy. Lead singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Rich DeCicco’s divulges, “I’ve spent a lot of my early 30s thinking about mort