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POST LIFE MUSIC by The Last Surrealist
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For fans of:Vindensang, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Clams Casino
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  1. In the Morning Our Bodies Will Be Nothing
  2. The Gun is Perched Between My Teeth
  3. Eyes Wide Open (Suffocate Until the Fire's Annihilation)
  4. Rebirth in a Nebula
  5. To Kiss My Beloved With Eyes Wide Shut
  6. Love is Subservient to Death
  7. When a Ghost Embraced the Dust
  8. Her Morning Breath
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POST LIFE MUSIC is a deeply personal musical exploration. It encompasses so many musical classifications that I have simply labeled the music contained within as "post life music." It is fundamentally about my thoughts on love, death, and the potential for rebirth.

It aggravates me as so many tracks draw lyrical inspiration from the memory of my sister's death, and how that resonates so fervently with me years later. So many recording sessions were spent intoxicated, tired, and in depressive states to reach this vantage point.

I long to escape. The perceived and often surrealistic "escape" so often fluctuates within my mind. Often I submerge myself in the thought of suicide, and have the anti-social and depressive tendencies that tend to come paired with such thoughts. Yet, on other occasions, I see so clearly.

I dream of the muck and what we call love. For a moment here and there, I am satisfied by these thoughts. But I am always returned to ground zero as I reflect on the reality that all love will die, all sadness will die, all death will die. Love is a slave to death. The power of love is temporary, and is perhaps most beautiful because of this simple characteristic. I have known love and now know what it is to long for love in it's physical absence.

I am tired of the convention that an album of music must adhere to an extremely narrow view of the world. Too many artists play with singular ideas when they have so much potential for more.

Open your ears and close your eyes. All of this shit is meaningless. And I love it because of this.


Chris Romans - All of the musical things. Thanks to Jes Savard for assisting with photography and graphic design of the album cover.

For fans of:Vindensang, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Clams Casino
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