This Harbour

For fans of:The Lumineers, City and Colour, Mumford and Sons, Attack in Black, Fort Atlantic
This Harbour began in 2011. Singer/Songwriter Nathan Olmstead began by writing music in his father’s office and pairing it with other vocal talents, playing small venues around Ontario. It wasn’t until early 2012 that Nathan began to sing on his own and This Harbour became the project that it is today. This Harbour has played numerous shows across Ontario, with plans to cross borders in the coming months. Nathan plans to continue spreading his message of hope across Canada for years to come. To Nathan, This Harbour represents much more than just another average band. It is a chance to share his story, and it is a chance to convey a message. This message will act as a light at the end of the tunnel for anyone going through struggles. This Harbour: more than music and more than words.