Tiffany Rosebud

For fans of:Black Coffee, Bob Marley, Lauren Hill

Tiffany Rosebud began on August 8th of a blessed year. Rosebud is a Singer/Songwriter/Song-Arranger and Engineer from the organic area of the Bay and is likely to become internationally known. Transforming her pains through life's experiences and unexpected curves into her deepest passions is a result of her exceptional ability to pen powerful lyrics. She also draws some of her musical inspiration from historical and political issues from around the world as well as from a very strong spiritual connection. She found her niche in the Soulful House genre after beginning her studio experience in the R&B/Hip Hop/Neo-Soul genres. Although, she does still possess the special gift to write in those genres with her strength today, being in the house genre.

In Late 2012 she began engineering and learning the fundamentals of mixing. Slowly, she has learned how to perfect her sound by arranging songs and mixing her own studio sessions. Her story is profound, and as time passes, the signature soulful sound that flows from the essence of her humble being will become evident. Releasing her Double Single titled, “Kiss of Life/Mama Africa” on September 19th had her management’s phone ringing from South Africa. She is scheduled to do a small promo tour in South Africa soon (2017). With her Single titled, “Woman” just released she is excited about the future of 2017. Tiffany is bringing you a new sound, (from the soul - for the soul). A South African/Soulful/Alternative/Tribal combination of “HOUSE MUSIC". The time for this Rosebud to bloom has been long awaited. Don't get lost in time and miss the manifestation of the Bay Area's Soulful Lyricist!