For fans of:Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Shots Fired
Unbroken is a Christian rock band from the Newport, Ky area. The band got attention of a lot of people. Well, it did. Not all good things last forever, like Salvation, but you do what you can, as hard as you can, when you're doing it. Hoping to be viewed as a band that did that for the 4 years they jammed, they spent. In the Summer of 2008 4/5 of the band members lost the supplemental income from shows, merch and donations due to them attending church camp. An addition to that 2 of the musicians reluctantly relocated up state. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a window of opportunity for God to work in the lives of those playing the strings and kickin the skins. "We are so proud to have poured our tangibles and emotions into Newport and anywhere else we visited, into a vivid aspiration that still lingers today. We would do it all again, twice, even if it meant we would die. Wherever this went we know it's in God's hands and that's where it will stay if we are going to play again."