White Reaper

Daytrotter Session - Apr 12, 2014

Apr 12, 2014 Big Light Studio Nashville, TN by White Reaper
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  1. Welcome To Daytrotter / Half Bad
  2. She Wants To
  3. Funn
  4. Conspirator
  5. You're Gonna Miss Me
This all comes out of people during the time of night when the feral cats start creeping out of their hiding places, when the streets are all covered by an orange light and the sound of beer bottles smashing is a symphony. White Reaper -- this music coming out of Louisville, Kentucky -- is scruffy and full of that mischievous delinquency that you want to watch and listen to, and you do it with bemusement, wishing you could be getting into that kind of trouble again, with girls, with grown-ups, with beer, with anything, where you got away with it all with a slap on the wrist. It's mostly off the rails and squirrely. It's been covered with gasoline and lit up, the flames providing the perfect buzz.