Rupak George

For fans of:Mad Professor, Ozric Tentacles, OTT

Wobology is an interstellar spaceship that runs on rainbows and old tie-dye t-shirts. Its ongoing mission is to find a cure for lameness, break out new beats and dance moves, and boldly go where no band has gone before.

The crew is: Richard the warp drive captain who tweaks the engine sound, Deborah the artificially intelligent onboard entertainment system, Eriko the wormhole specialist with a taste for brass, and Rupak who is more than just theoretical with the strings. The sound of the spacecraft cannot be classified into some easily explained genre. Sometimes it wobbles, sometimes it beeps. Sometimes it’s like an alien language. Occasionally it falls off the edge of the galaxy and into another dimension. The risks are infinite, but if they succeed...our world will be changed forever.