Twitter Unearths Joy Reid’s Homophobic Blog Posts

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Twitter Unearths Joy Reid’s Homophobic Blog Posts

If you read Joy Reid’s Wikipedia page, you’ll notice something of a gap in her professional history. The current television host at MSNBC doesn’t have much going on from the years of 2007-2009, after her South Florida radio show ended and before she became editor of The Grio.

Well, according to Twitter user @Jamie_Maz, Reid spent that time putting up blog posts about Florida politician Charlie Crist, and the vast majority of them attacked Crist for being a closeted gay man. She repeatedly referred to Crist, who has been married to two different women, as “Miss Charlie,” and relentlessly claimed that he had only gotten married to further his political ambitions. There is no evidence for any of these claims and Reid clearly thinks it’s nothing but an excellent running gag, but even if it were true, this kind of derisive, insulting language would be homophobic.

Here are a few highlights from the thread:

Reid seems to think that insinuating that a politician (with a complicated history on the topic of same-sex marriage) is a closeted gay man is endlessly hilarious. You can practically see her patting herself on the back for what she thinks is a great joke.

You can click on any of the tweets above to see the full thread, and you can go the archives themselves here. Those are all of Reid’s blog posts about Charlie Crist. Fun fact: if you hit Command-F and type in “Miss Charlie,” you’ll find no fewer than 17 instances of that exact phrase. She called him that epithet for years, and we shouldn’t need to tell you that conflating homosexuality with femininity and insulting a man for it is incredibly homophobic.

This comes just days after Reid covered herself in glory by attacking Bernie Sanders through Sanders’ wife Jane. Reid said Bernie treats women dismissively, and pointed to his behavior with his wife as evidence. Jane did not take kindly to it, and ripped Reid apart in a statement of her own.

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