7 Pacific Northwest Jewelry Designers to Brighten up Your Post Holiday Funk

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The Pacific Northwest is known for a ton of great things: grunge, rain, riot grrrls, sexy teen vampires and a damn fine cup of coffee. It’s rich history of all things spooky doesn’t exactly make you think the area is dripping with a culture of modern, drool-worthy accoutrements, but this is where you’re wrong. Let’s break with tradition and take a look at seven of our favorite designers who don’t let the rain get them down and are coming out of the fog with wearable art to die for.

1. Tiro Tiro

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Though Tiro Tiro comes from the latin word for ‘beginner’, Teresa Robinson is anything but. Robinson has both a formal background in fine art and a metalworking know-how she picked up while living in Mexico. What makes her work undeniably unique is the juxtaposition of heavy metals and delicate wisps of linen. Make sure to check out her Arcos Hairpin that brings an old-world coiffeur technique into the 21st century.

2. Baleen

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Power couple and founders of Baleen, Billy and Leah, focus on hand-made jewelry that is both highly chic and relatively affordable. The lucky pair not only get to make these simple geometric pieces together, they split their time between their Seattle studio and Maui. If you’re ever in the the Northwest make sure to check out their recently opened storefront in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

3. Rachel Ravitch

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Not one to be dripping in heavy metals and gems? Look no further, Rachel Ravitch has got your back. Her handmade leather knotted pieces are both modern and great for everyday wear. The notably lightweight necklaces have been seen on local Seattle bands such as LaLuz and Thunderpussy, which makes them totally appropriate for a particularly raucous night out.

4. Faris

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Faris Du Graf’s eponymous line, Faris, is not to be missed. It has been featured on Elle.com and InStyle, and her success shows no signs of slowing down. Though the native Seattleite’s work seems minimal at first, the bold silhouettes and organic imperfections come together to create true pieces of art. Her collections are made in very limited runs, so get the necklace you’ve been looking at now before it’s gone.

5. Natalie Joy

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It is no surprise that Natalie Joy studied sculpture at Evergreen State College, alma mater of some highly creative women including Kathleen Hanna and Carrie Brownstein. Joy uses an oxidation process on some of her work that creates a dark black finish that contrasts perfectly with many of her pieces matte metal parts. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of her items, make sure to look at her care guide as this complicated process requires a little extra TLC than other jewelry you may have encountered.

6. Open The Cellar Door

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Based in Seattle, Open the Cellar Door is not for the faint of heart. The self-proclaimed “spooky and beautiful” line includes ethically sourced animal bones and salvaged coffin nails. Don’t overlook the modest selection of stunning body chains that can unexpectedly complete any look.

7. Claire Green

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Claire Green, based in Portland Oregon, mixes beautiful metals with exquisite stones. A goldsmith by trade, Green creates pieces that are classy as hell and simple enough for daily wear. Make sure to check out her Zodiac collection which integrates lapis and turquoise stones and evokes celestial vibes for the most mystical sartorial set.

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