Feed Your Feed!: 10 Bartender and Mixologist Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Following a mixologist or bartender on Twitter isn’t as good as sitting at a bar, drinking a drink, and possibly even striking up a conversation with said bartender. But then again, a good bartender is likely a bit too busy to chat whenever you want, and some of them are artists, specializing in creations that soothe our woes and amplify emotions. They are like genies, pouring wishes out of lamps and into our glasses, giving a taste for the tongue and a break for the brain. Here are some Twitter feeds that might help you create a little magic of your own.

1. Modern Mixologist – @MdrnMixologist
Twitter Bio: Tony Abou Ganim, The Modern Mixologist
Followers: 2,192
Need for Feed: Tony Abou Ganim is the Modern Mixologist. You can find Ganim teaching how to make cocktails on the Internet as well as on national television. He is a key follow for those who want to learn the art of making cocktails.

2. kpbmixalot – @kpbmixalot
Twitter Bio: bartender, cyclist, sometime fencer, Shakespeare nut, francophile, whisk(e)y and tequila/mezcal imbiber
Followers: 278
Need for Feed: New Orleans-based bartender Kimberly Patton-Brag embodies New Orleans’ fun and libation-filled atmosphere. Follow her feed for a trip to the French Quarter.

3. Derrick Schommer – @everydaydrinker
Twitter Bio: Common Man Cocktails host, making cocktails five times a week.
Followers: 2,769
Need for Feed: @everydaydrinker is linked to the YouTube account, Common Man Cocktails, which has entertaining videos featuring Derrick Schommer hilariously explaining how to make cocktails.

4. Tipsy Bartender – @TipsyBartender
Twitter Bio: I’m the Martha Stewart of booze! Time to get tipsy! For business inquires TipsyBartender@Gmail.com
Followers: 18.3K
Need for Feed: Tipsy Bartender is that really cool bartender you wish you could hang out with, but only can muscle up the courage after a few drinks. Go to the Tipsy Bartender YouTube page for funny and instructional videos on how to make a watermelon keg and an alien hemorrhage shot.

5. Brian Van Flandern – @MyMixologist
Twitter Bio: World renowned Michelin Three-Star mixologist and owner of Creative Cocktail Consultants
Followers: 667
Need for Feed: An internationally renowned mixologist, Brian Van Fanderm’s feed is for those who enjoy classy, delectable drink. Van Fanderm even sits in panel discussions on drink making

6. Charlotte Voisey – @Charlottevoisey
Twitter Bio: none
Followers: 1,893
Need for Feed: Charlotte takes traditional drinks and snazzes them up with a modern twist.

7. The Crafty Bartender – @craftybartender
Twitter Bio: We’re Donna & Kennedy, cocktail, wine and beer enthusiasts and owners of The Crafty Bartender, an online shop selling cocktail- & beverage-related supplies.
Followers: 1,031
Need for Feed: The Crafty Bartender is Donna and Kennedy, and their twitter handle sums it up: bartenders who are simply creative with their products. They specialize in making bitters.

8. Rosy Posy Bartending – @RosyQ
Twitter Bio: A Bartender in SD, I LOVE creating drinks,Muzik&Comedy.Sarcastic, outgoing, a great sense of humor, LOVE NITELIFE & cant live w/out sushi or reality shows 😉
Followers: 1,428
Need for Feed: @RosyQ is a lady who knows her beer. And with a woman’s intuition, she sniffs out and can teach us about beers like the birthday beer dessert: Reeses Pieces peanut butter Stout Float!

9. NYC Bartender – @nycbartender
Twitter Bio: Just your average executive by day, boozer by Happy Hour, bartender by weekend. No relation to http://nycbartender.com.
Followers: 3,395
Need for Feed: NYC bartender leads a double life: the weekdays he spends in the office, the weekends he spends bartending. On this feed, you will not only discover bartending tips, but get tweets reminding you when Ben and Jerry’s free cone day is.

10. Junior Merino – @TheLiquidChef
Twitter Bio: Taste the Art and Drink with all your Senses.
Followers: 2,444
Need for Feed: The Liquid Chef, a.k.a. Junior Merino, creates cocktails delicious enough to spoil your dinner. And for those of you who love trivia nights at bars, he hosts a trivia game every Tuesday on his twitter page.

There you have it—a drop from an pitcher (or at least a sizable flask) of good Twitter feeds by bartenders and mixologists. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love to drink and make drinks?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to  Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.