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Friedrich Nietzche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Music transcends culture and races. Singers are like songbirds that make life more beautiful and easier to swallow. Imagine how cool it would be if John Lennon had been on Twitter. He would probably have had such incredible things to say to his myriad fans. Luckily, we have a direct line to some of our contemporary nightingales.

1. Ezra Koenig – @arzE
Twitter Bio:  vampire weekend inc.
Followers: 292K
Need for Feed: Other than making great music and interesting videos with his band, Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koening’s Twitter profile exemplifies his great sense of humor by taking funny pics, observing absurdities of daily life and posting memes.

2. P!nk – @Pink
Twitter Bio: it’s all happening
Followers: 23.5M
Need for Feed: Pink is the epitome of awesome. Extremely tough and incredibly kind, she loves her fans and fellow musicians, and writes tweets about female empowerment. If Danaerys Targaeryen had a favorite singer, it would be Pink. After all, they have the same hair color.

3. Jason Isbell – @JasonIsbell
Twitter Bio: Edward James Almost.
Followers: 57K
Need for Feed: While reading his tweets isn’t as comforting as listening to his music, his feed is still pretty good. Definitely a great feed to follow for the music lovers out there, as he makes quite a few jokes and comments about music, musicians and everything music-related.

4. Aimee Mann – @aimeemann
Twitter Bio: Oscar loser, singer/songwriter, wanna-be musical writer.
Followers: 112K
Need for Feed:  Aimee Mann‘s twitter feed is just like a friend you’d love to have. Interesting re-tweets, informative, self-deprecating and soothing.

5. Bruno Mars – @BrunoMars
Twitter Bio: #MySecondAlbumIsOutSon
Followers: 18.3M
Need for Feed: Some Twitter accounts are all promotion, and Bruno’s has a bit of that, but he also sticks in some non-sequiturs and quick notes about his travel tours. If you’re a lazy groupie, his tweets are kinda like following him on tour. Also, he really likes his family, and tweets about them often, which is sweet.

6. Dan Reynolds – @DanReynolds
Twitter Bio: expression. freedom. art. self-empowerment. respect. love.
Followers: 83.3K
Need for Feed:He doesn’t tweet consistently (which can be a good thing), but if you’re looking for a burst of awesome positivity, look no further than Dan Reynolds. The only thing he hates on are haters.

7. ErykahBadoula – @fatbellybella
Twitter Bio: See me in a fight with a bear? …Help the bear. Po honey on me.
Followers: 1.11M
Need for Feed: Twitter can be used in many ways and be a modern platform for old forms of art. Tweeting random, deceptively simple yet very poetic sentences, Erykah makes Twitter seem like a beatnik bar than social media.

8. Jason Mraz – jason_mraz
Twitter Bio: The Official Jason Mraz You Very Much Twitter Account. Follow @MrazTeam for the latest news.
Followers: 5.38M
Need for Feed: His twitter pic is one of him picking his nose. Enough said.

9. KANYE WEST – @kanyewest
Twitter Bio: none
Followers: 10.5M
Need for Feed: Love him or hate him, you’re going to hear the things Kanye says either way. Rather than waiting for the media to jump on something he tweeted, get it directly from the source.

10. Lorde – @lordemusic
Twitter Bio: none
Followers: 1.6M
Need for Feed: In a world where teens keep singing redundant lines like “you don’t know you’re beautiful, but that what makes you beautiful,” it’s inspiring that a youth like Lorde is in the world singing not only beautifully but actually meaningful lyrics.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for singers. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love singers?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.

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