How to Get Away with Murder: “The Night Lila Died”

(Episode 1.14 & 1.15) “The Night Lila Died”/“It’s All My Fault”

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How to Get Away with Murder: “The Night Lila Died”

Disclaimer: Major Spoilers below

For those of you that have been keeping up with my reviews, let me start off by saying, I TOLD YOU SO!!! Frank was too sketchy and obedient to not be involved more in the Lila case. All season he was Annalise’s violent puppy dog, never straying far from her and always willingly doing her dirty work. Now, we know why.

This two-hour finale moved quickly, efficiently, and supplied us with all the information we needed to know—something that we are not used to with HTGAWM. Staying true to the chronology of each episode, there was still a case of the week. Albeit, I think that this case was just there to show us what Annalise is still capable of doing. Father Andrews killed the victim in cold blood. However, Annalise enlists his lover, Agnes, to give a false alibi to the jury. Although capable of murder, Father Andrews considers lying to be of the utmost sin to God and will not do it. So he pleads guilty to first-degree murder and Annalise loses (?) her case. I do not know if this is considered losing, since her client was guilty the whole time and confesses, but either way, he goes to jail. We saw Annalise (Anna Mae) lose it for a little bit, questioning her own strength and displaying her own vulnerability. However, just as her locks and uniform are back in tact, Annalise appears to be as hard-hitting as ever.

On the Connor front, he and Oliver have established a full, adult relationship. When Oliver asks him to get tested, Connor is freaking out. But of course, in prime-time television, it is never the one whom we assume would actually have the STD that does. Meanwhile, Michaela is being cajoled by Aidan’s mother to try and restart the relationship, but it seems that Aidan might actually be gay, much to the chagrin of his mom. There’s also Bonnie and Asher, but I think he just keeps him around for entertainment.

But on to the main point of the episode. As we know, Wes and Laurel have been investigating Rebecca because Wes found out she was lying about Rudy. Michaela and Connor have caught on and now Michaela insists they confront Rebecca. She says, “Where the hell is she?!” Michaela’s character shines in this part of the episode, as she is assertive, and not taking shit from any one. We see her as someone with whom not to mess. “You are going to tell us the truth,” she calmly but firmly tells Rebecca. Did anyone else see a young Annalise Keating in the making? In season two, which has already been picked up by ABC, I think that Michaela will begin to play a bigger, more enticing role than the rest of the group. She seems to be the most promising of the Keating four—can’t say five because, really, does Asher even count? Rebecca is being interrogated by the group and becomes defensive quickly. Suddenly, the strong relationship that she and Wes cultivated turns to shreds. She becomes like a small child. And how do you deal with a small child? Well, my suggestion would be talking/explaining to them or giving a time-out, but the Keating four tie up Rebecca and call Mama Annalise. Cue the end of finale, part one.


Annalise un-tapes Rebecca. “We’re not monsters” she reminds the group, “We do not keep people against of their will.” Here is the theme of the season. The fact is, that they are all monsters. This becomes apparent when we see their willingness to frame Rebecca for Sam’s murder—how Laurel hides Michaela’s ring to keep her quiet, how Rebecca induces Rudy with PCP, so he will not talk to the police despite the consequences; how Wes murdered Sam, how Bonnie and Frank set up Asher, how Annalise lies for her clients, how Frank murdered Lila for Sam, how Bonnie lied to Annalise, etc. All these characters, one way or another, are monsters. It does not mean that they aren’t monsters with good intentions; however, they are, without doubt, monsters.

The rest of the episode is a whirlwind of information. Yes, Rebecca knew Rudy, yes she gave him PCP and something called “Purple X” knowing that it would make him have an anxiety attack. Yes, Rebecca had sex with Griffin and Lila found out. Yes, Sam was on the roof the night Lila died. But no, neither of them killed her, at least not by their own hands. The freakiest part of the episode had to be when Rebecca found Lila dead in the water tank and then had to hide next to her when people came on the roof.

Fast-forward to the present, Rebecca has disappeared and the team is out looking for her, as Wes bawls into Annalise’s arms, saying that it is his fault. She tells him that they must believe Sam killed Lila for the both of them. In a strange closing scene, they sit there together, Annalise being motherly towards Wes, eerily sing-songing, “Sam killed Lila, Sam killed Lila, Sam killed Lila.” Juxtaposed with this very scene, we see black leather gloves strangling Lila as the camera pans up to…FRANK! Sorry, I know I spoiled it at the beginning. In my head the whole time as Wes and Annalise are methodically saying, “Sam killed Lila, Sam killed Lila,” I am singing in the same tune only with different lyrics… “Frank killed Lila, Frank killed Lila, Frank killed Lila.” But, the episode and this case are both far from over.

As Annalise assures Wes they will find Rebecca, she goes down to the basement and asks Frank, “Was it you?” and Frank says he thought it was her and asks, “So now what?” Then… slowly the camera moves towards the ground and there is Rebecca, unconscious and maybe dead. Welcome to the murder case for Season Two. HTGAWM is sort of like Clue—it has to be somebody in the room, but nobody knows who did it. Can’t wait to find out who our Mr. Body is.

Lesley Brock is a Nashville-based freelance writer who values Shonda Rhimes opinion over her own. Just kidding, but Shonda’s a badass. You can follow her on Twitter.

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