Reality AF: A Love Is Blind Season 6 Preview With Answers to Burning Questions and 5 Contestants to Watch

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Reality AF: A Love Is Blind Season 6 Preview With Answers to Burning Questions and 5 Contestants to Watch

It’s that time of year again. Time to hop into a pod, fill a golden goblet with your favorite beverage, and fall in love sight unseen—until you meet your fiance face-to-face and realize you’ve made a horrible mistake. 

That’s right, it’s time for another season of the hit Netflix reality show, Love Is Blind! While this might seem like a crazy way to meet a spouse, statistically speaking, maybe love actually is blind. Of the 28 couples who’ve been married on the show during its first five seasons, eight are still together. That’s a 28.5% success rate, significantly higher than Married at First Sight

This means there’s plenty of hope for the 15 men and 15 women jumping into the pods this season, which premieres (appropriately enough) on February 14th. But forget about the participants. A much more important question is: What can viewers expect? Drama, of course, plenty of people to root for and against, and some cringeworthy conversations. 

To provide some insight into this season, I watched the first six episodes that drop on Valentines Day. I also did some research into how the show is produced. Prepare for 12 episodes of visually-impaired romance with a ton of factoids, a peek at some of the most interesting characters, and a bevy of out of context quotes from Season 6 of Love Is Blind

How the Sausage Gets Made

While watching Love Is Blind, it’s hard not to think about all the logistics in hosting 30 people for 10 days as they begin the relationship process. Here are answers to some burning questions. 

Are rooms soundproof, how big are they, and where is the show filmed?

Yes, the pods are soundproof. Singles communicate through speakers. Pods are 12 feet by 12 feet and there are 20 of them, 10 for each gender. Couples from this season are all from the Charlotte, North Carolina area, but the pod portion of the show is filmed at a studio in Santa Clarita, California. 

Where do singles sleep, go to the bathroom, and get exercise?

Participants sleep in hotel rooms and are escorted back and forth to the studio to prevent them from seeing each other. The lounges, which viewers see plenty of, have a bathroom and a gym, all off camera. 

What’s the dating cycle like?

Initially, singles are essentially speed dating with strict rules. At first, everyone gets a chance to know everyone else, but then a matchmaking system is put in place. The trick is, singles are only informed that someone is interested in talking to them but are not told who it is. Participants are only given a time and pod number.

Eventually, contestants can start to stretch the length of dates as the process moves along. Singles can go back and forth to the pods whenever they want and can stay until 3 a.m. According to this feature on the show with Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen, participants determine how the relationships proceed and are allowed to discuss whatever they want during the 10-day pod period of the four-week experiment. 

Why do some singles eat food and play games in pods and others don’t?

Singles are able to share items from home, request special meals, or ask producers to provide games to play. During the episodes of Season 6 available for critics, I saw couples having spaghetti dinners, sushi dinners, playing cards, and taking shots at mini basketball hoops. Other singles just sit and talk. 

Questions That I Made up Answers For

What do Nick and Vanessa do off camera?

Since they’re rarely seen and the show is filmed in California, they go home and binge Netflix shows until their next call time. 

Do people who have gotten engaged before the 10-day pod cycle ends still talk to each other?

Sadly no, they’re only allowed to text using emojis. 

Do contestants have to pay for the engagement rings?

Neil Lane is leased out from The Bachelor franchise and provides rings gratis.  

Who sings all those saccharine songs that dramatically play in the background?

Nobody you would want on a Spotify playlist. 

Five Contestants That Will Catch Your Eye

Trevor (31, Project Manager): Trevor looks like a Geico caveman on steroids, but he’s the poster boy for not judging a book by its cover. Never mind his hulking appearance, Trevor is thoughtful and kind. He’s also self-deprecating, which is a good trait for a guy with a mullet to have. 

Jeramey (32, Intralogistics): Despite having a job I don’t understand and a name that looks like it should be pronounced “GER-AM-E” and not “Jeremy,” Jeramey is fun to watch. He’s smart, a little OCD, and the funniest cast member of the season. 

AD (33, Real Estate Broker): Beautiful, intelligent, and inquisitive, AD (short for Amber Desiree) has a roller coaster start. She’s so cool, engaging, and likable that it’s impossible not to root for her. 

Chelsea (31, Flight Attendant and Event Planner): No one laughs, cries, says “I feel like I’m going to throw up,” or uses cliches (1000%, my person, journey, literally) more than Chelsea. 

Matthew (37, Financial Advisor): Matthew reminds me a lot of Ben Affleck in the movie The Accountant. He gives off a creepy vibe and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a professional assassin. I hope he doesn’t read this.  

Memorable Quotes Provided With No Context

“That’s a red flag, but I’m such a fix-a-hoe.”

“If this was Like is Blind, this shit would be easy.”

“I pee in the pool and pee in the shower.”

“You’re going to need your Epipen to open your airways because you are going to be in disbelief on what you missed out on.”

“I had braces for 9 years.”

“Did you refer to chest hair as taco meat?”

“He’s like a pistachio.”

“Do you want to know an irrational fear of mine? That birds will peck my brain out.”

“I did feel his weiner.”

“You made me feel uncomfy.”

“I suck at dating.”

“I don’t think I’d ever do this again.” (Said by two different people.)

Love Is Blind Season 6 debuts February 14th on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on Wednesdays through March 6th. 

Terry Terrones is a Television Critics Association and Critics Choice Association member, licensed drone pilot, and aspiring hand model. When he’s not searching online for golden goblets or bottles of Love is Wine, you can find him hiking in the mountains of Colorado. You can follow him on Twitter @terryterrones.

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