Revolution: “Love Story” (Episode 2.03)

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Revolution: “Love Story” (Episode 2.03)

Revolution is firing on all cylinders and pleasing viewers every step of the way. It is thrilling to see the show keep such a boom-boom-boom pace in the first handful of episodes, and it doesn’t feel like a tired trope when it relies on cliffhangers to end each episode.

“Love Story” picks up right where the last episode ended: with the women behind the red door. It turns out to be the evil warlord Titus’ wife, Jessica. She has been off the radar because of her diabetes and needs O-type blood for transfusions. Of course Miles has that type of blood, and he’s due to “donate” to keep Jessica alive. Luckily, Rachel and Gene come to the rescue.

This sets off a chain of events, and Willoughby turns into pure anarchy. Titus goes on a tirade. In the process Jessica kills herself to avoid being under the wrath of Titus, and Rachel gets stabbed by an arrow and then subsequently shot by the government, who comes in to save the day.

Meanwhile Neville is getting vetted by the Patriots after trying to convince him he wants to join their cause. They simply discover that though he goes by a different name, he is in fact Tom Neville, right-hand man of Monroe. He admits that he used to be and that he and his son want to take down the government. His storyline is interesting only for the fact that it seemingly is going to become inherently important as the season progresses. Everything in this season is so far apart and all over the country that eventually it will have to link back up, and this seems like a possible lynchpin.

Elsewhere, Charlie has been tracking Monroe and finds him with the help of the handsome Adam, a bounty hunter looking for a big score. They find Monroe and he gives himself up. During all of this, he discovers he and Rachel have bounties on their heads for the role they didn’t play in the destruction of Philadelphia, and something called “the Eye of Providence” is introduced, although the show tries to make it seem like Randall has already been a part of it. Retconning this in is silly, but I’m not going to fret since the show has been on a giant upswing since the beginning of the season.

If anything is made clear from this season so far it is that Revolution is going for fun as opposed to trying to be smart and brooding like it was in the first season. This is just a good, old-fashioned post-apocalyptic party. And it’s not too late to join in.

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