The 10 Best Derrick Comedy Skits

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Chances are, even if you haven’t heard the name “Derrick Comedy” before, you’ve seen some of the internet sketch group’s work. Most notably, Donald Glover has gone on to work on the NBC show Community, and Dominic Dierkes has written for the Jonah Hill-created Allen Gregory. D.C. Pierson released a novel called The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To and has made appearances on Community. The group also put out a movie in 2009 called Mystery Team.

But the group’s had some notable guests in their sketches, too. Now-SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan appeared in the group’s breakthrough video, “Bro Rape.” The group even had the lovable Erin (Ellie Kemper) from The Office cast as a girl who likes, well, “dry humor.” You can check her video out at No. 3 below.

10 – WQXR The Cool Breeze
Do you think radio DJs can be ridiculous? So does Derrick Comedy. The group makes fun of the signature low-register hosts as two guys are stuck inside of a studio as a hungry wolf waits for them outside. And the whole time, they keep the wacky jokes and sound effects going.

9 – Drunk Baby
Some people actually have friends like this. In this sketch, D.C. Pierson is called on to babysit a child who’s developed a serious addiction to alcohol. But it’s a parody on how actual adults can act when they’ve had a few too many. The key moment is when the baby slaps away “The Giving Tree” as a bedtime story and instead chooses a bartending guide.

8 – National Spelling Bee
This short makes fun of an actual event, where a kid infamously had to spell the confusing, conflicting “Negus; in the spelling bee. But the Derrick Comedy guys take it a step further at the spelling bee with a word that the contestant has a rough time even repeating back to the judge.

7 – Opposite Day
All of a sudden, it’s opposite day at the office. Mr. Peterson, the office’s boss, has a strict policy about the event, threatening to “hire” any employees that don’t follow along. The conversation turns awkward when a flustered employee tells the boss he “didn’t” have an affair with his wife.

6 – Jerry
Jerry is in denial. Played by Donald Glover, he immediately poops his pants in a high-school class. Sobbing and hysterical, he tries to grant himself a re-do by giving himself new identities. It’s the classic case of someone making something infinitely worse by drawing attention to himself.

5 – Keyboard Kid
Maybe there’s no better place to cry out for help than at a talent show in front of an entire school. Six-grader Jeffrey Eckman samples words like “cool” and “all right” over a looping beat before shedding some light on his scary home situation.

4 – Memory Loss
“Who am I? How did I get here?” the confused narrator asks at the beginning of “Memory Loss.” Without getting too graphic, the short is a morbid take on Memento, with the narrator’s buddy egging him on to play a “mouth-based” video game that he doesn’t really understand.

3 – Blow Job Girl
Welcome to Ellie Kemper’s breakthrough performance. The actress best known for her parts on Bridesmaids and The Office delivers a spot-on performance of a girl who is a little confused as to “what is good” in the bedroom. The sex tape gone wrong also features DC Pierson awkwardly responding to statements that should never be said. “Don’t ever do that to anyone,” Pierson pleads.

2 – Girls Are Not To Be Trusted
In a video that has possibly the funniest use of Radiohead’s “Karma Police,” we see a guy that just can’t let his ex-girlfriend go. Kevin, played by Donald Glover, is in a student film class where he berates and tries to marry his ex, Melanie (referred to as “Belanie” in his films), in the course of a few minutes.

1 – Bro Rape
Spoofing the “To Catch a Predator” series, the guys take a crack at a horrifying development: Bro Rape. But its charm isn’t in the act itself, but the profiling of “bros,” college-aged dudes that pop the collars of their polo t-shirts, listen to Jack Johnson, love X-Box, Natty-Light and douse themselves in Axe body spray. Now-SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan appears as a stammering guy that is caught trying to prey on a guy named “ChadBroChill17.”

“Look,” Moynihan says. “I have bros at home that can’t find out about this.”

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