Comedy Central Acquires BoJack Horseman Rerun Rights

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Comedy Central Acquires BoJack Horseman Rerun Rights

If you’ve ever been at home surfing your cable network channels during the day, then you’ll understand TV syndication. It’ll likely remind you of reruns of Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy. But, even though stream-only shows have been popular for quite some time now, syndicating streaming platform content has been floating in a gray area.

Now, the saddest talking horse and his animal Hollywood friends are coming to Comedy Central, making Bojack Horseman the first Netflix original to be syndicated for TV. The network announced Thursday that it’s acquired exclusive linear television rights to all current seasons of the Netflix animated series.

“Comedy Central has a long history of using potent satire to help make sense of trying times, so BoJack Horseman is a perfect fit in our lineup,” said Comedy Central general manager Tanya Giles in a press release. “We’re thrilled to be the first to put BoJack on linear TV, and who better than an animated horse to teach us a thing or two about humanity? Straight from the horse’s mouth.”

The Viacom-owned network will begin airing reruns of BoJack, starting with season one, on Sept. 26 following the season 22 premiere of South Park. Season five of the show is slated to premiere on Netflix on Sept. 14.

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