Watch an Exclusive Clip From TruTV’s I’m Sorry Starring Andrea Savage

Comedy Video I'm Sorry
Watch an Exclusive Clip From TruTV’s I’m Sorry Starring Andrea Savage

If you’re a comedy nerd, you probably know the name Andrea Savage. If you don’t, you’ll still probably recognize her. The former Groundling has been a fixture in the improv comedy scene for years, with notable turns in Step Brothers, Veep, The League, Party Down and more, and has popped up in a couple dozen or so other TV shows as well, including The West Wing, iZombie and Modern Family, among others. Just last week she was one of a few dozen comedy vets in the Will Ferrell / Amy Poehler movie The House, where she memorably engaged in a bloody fight scene with Lennon Parham that felt almost as long as the Roddy Piper vs. Keith David slugfest in They Live. Savage is an experienced pro at this entertainment biz.

She finally gets the spotlight next Wednesday, when her sitcom I’m Sorry debuts on TruTV. Savage stars as a comedy writer balancing her career with her family and her own issues, with Tom Everett Scott and Olive Petrucci playing her husband and daughter, Martin Mull and Kathy Baker playing her parents, and Nelson Franklin (from New Girl and Black-ish) appearing as her brother. Various other familiar faces pop up throughout, including Jason Mantzoukas, who we assume will play another very Jason Mantzoukas role.

I’m Sorry doesn’t debut until Wednesday, July 12, at 10 PM ET / PT (with back-to-back episodes, to boot) but you can catch an exclusive sneak preview right here today at Paste. In this clip Savage and Baker have a sensitive mother-daughter chat at the local grocery store, involving an act that should be familiar to anybody who’s ever played a Halo videogame before. Check it out above.

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