Jim Gaffigan Announces a New Stand-up Special for Netflix

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Jim Gaffigan Announces a New Stand-up Special for Netflix

Good news, Gaffifans: your guy is back. Today deadpan master Jim Gaffigan and Netflix announced the comedian’s ninth stand-up special. Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster will hit the streamer on Dec. 21, just in time for Christmas. The special, which was written, directed, and performed by Gaffigan, will be the Emmy-winner’s first special since last year’s two-for-one package deal The Pale Tourist, which featured the comedian playing to two different international audiences.

Comedy Monster will be Gaffigan’s sixth special available on Netflix, following King Baby, Beyond the Pale, Mr. Universe, Obsessed, and Cinco. The special was produced by the Nacelle Company, whose Comedy Dynamics Records also distributed several of Gaffigan’s albums, and executive-produced by Brian Volk-Veiss. If you haven’t seen Gaffigan’s stand-up, you might recognize him as a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning, for which he won his Emmy, or from his appearances in a variety of movies and TV shows. (He was George Westinghouse in that Tesla movie last year. George Westinghouse!) He’s also carving out a legacy for himself as the Susan Lucci of the comedy album Grammy, lining up nominations for six straight comedy albums without winning one. Surely your time will come, Jim.

Here’s the man himself making the announcement on Instagram.

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