Kroll Show: “#canadiansafesex”

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Kroll Show: “#canadiansafesex”

This week’s Kroll Show was a step up from the premiere. Despite fewer sketches and cameos, it was just plain funnier. Also, four of the six main sketches fit into a larger Canadian-parody theme, which included guest star Lauren Collins. Collins played Paige Michalchuk on DeGrassi: The Next Generation, which Kroll’s popular sketch “Wheels Ontario” spoofs—to my endless satisfaction.

There are so many stupid Canadian joke clichés, usually generic, unfunny and “eh” heavy. But instead, Kroll’s Maple Leaf-tinged sketches are so refreshingly specific and needling that they make me incredibly happy—or, as a Canadian might say, “pleased.” Plus the narrative cohesion this week was a treat for my mind the way a delicious Tim Horton’s Timbit is a treat for my taste buds.

Below are a few weirdly funny highlights to look forward to in the second episode of Kroll Show.

1. Jon Daly informing us that the American Idol-style Canadian program, Show Us Your Songs Toronto, airs at 4 p.m. on Sundays.

2. The entire “Hippie Fights” sketch.

3. One of Leg’s classmates in the “Wheels Ontario” sketch tells him, “Cameron’s my parental guardian’s name all right? Call me Cam.”

4. Coach Teacher apologizing for “overlistening.”

5. In the “Very Much Reluctant Gigolos” sketch when the woman about to sleep with Kroll’s character, Bobby Bottleservice, asks him, “Did you brush your teeth?”

6. The pregnant teen Toons going into labor and reporting she is “one ten-thousandth kilometers dilated.”

7. I cannot stress how much “Hippie Fights” will change your life, so I am listing it twice. Sometimes comedy is a total art form, and sometimes it’s just knowing exactly when to scream, “Do NOT do violence!”

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